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Double, or even triple, your profits doing work that matters and that you love?

Learn how to confidently magnetize opportunities and prosperity?

Know—once and for all—that who you are and what you are here to do is enough?

Discover what it means to make room for your REAL power so you can realize your dreams?

Tandy is an authentic, passionate person who has rare gift of seeing others for who they truly are. Her coaching skills are brilliant. The results I’m experiencing in my life’s body of work go beyond words.

Cindy Rowland

Tandy has been a very inspiring coach. Her insights and clarity have provided a clear path for my personal and professional growth. I would recommend Tandy when you’re ready to grow into your potential.

Julie Bennett

Meet a few of the women whose power (and profit) I've helped uplevel.

Isn’t it time for YOU to own your power and make more money?

Here’s what’s true...

For the first time in 25 years, I’m no longer a full-time mom. The last of my 3 kids just left on a full-ride football scholarship to college! I’m free to expand my lifestyle business and really design what my life looks like. As I get used to enjoying lots more space in the house and not making lunches in the morning, I’m also planning more travels and adventures, taking classes, and doing even deeper work with my clients. 

And I’m kicking off this brand-new chapter with a brand new offering that has me super-excited.



My All-New, Upleveled Group Coaching Program!

This six-month-long, high-level group is for prominent coaches, healers and business women who are ready to make the money you know you are here to make.

If you know right away that this is for you, just scroll down, fill out the application below and we'll set up a time to chat.

Together, with the support of a kick-ass group of women, we'll work on:

• Building a business plan that insures your income goals are met

• Mastering confident, powerful sales conversations that convert

• Creating a profit plan that feels good to your authentic message

• Identifying and transforming the old patterns that are STOPPING you

In addition, using my keen intuition and knowledge of feng shui principles, I'll help you create powerful living and work spaces that massively support you to achieve your goals. You can’t create money and success in scattered spaces that don't keep the energy flowing.

In the group, you’ll also experience the power of interaction, collaboration and support from your peers. It’s profoundly beneficial to be surrounded by people who want the same thing and have the same goals. 

Not only that, I am super-selective about the people I work with and I have the gift of bringing together groups that have magical chemistry—many former group members are still friends after many years. There is nothing like this combination of 1:1 work and group calls. It’s a super-powerful container in which to grow your life and business to the next level.

I am known for my transformational energy work, my direct and supportive style, and my ability to see exactly what’s in the way of what you want, often before you do—things you’re not even aware are there!

Bottom Line: I make a radical stand and clear the way for my clients to get what they truly want.   


One of the most powerful ways to create transformation is to be in an uplifting environment and experience outside your day-to-day life. So many breakthroughs, insights and access to who we really are happen when we get away from what’s familiar. 

As part of THE POWER TRIBE you’ll have two retreats at a luxury locale in Cincinnati—in October and January. At the retreats, you’ll expand your vision, clear your limiting beliefs, and align with the mindset necessary to live into your true power and profit.

"Grateful for Tandy’s Intuition"

I was invited to join Tandy‘s Mastermind group as I was figuring out how to transition in my career and launch a new business. The group Tandy brought together was an incredibly comfortable place to share my frustrations and fears, and celebrate my wins. I am grateful for Tandy‘s intuition in showing me how I was finding comfort in holding myself back in some critical moments. Her ability to genuinely reflect my experience and what I refused to see back to me helped me move past and heal some major resistances so I could open up new pathways for myself.

Katie Kinnemeyer

White Paw Ventures

"Keen Insights and Encouragement "

Originally I wasn’t sure what I would get from Tandy’s coaching, but as the weeks wore on, I realized the change I felt in myself after each coaching session. I felt calmer. I felt empowered. I felt ready to really get my business off the ground so I could do it full time. And not only did I feel ready: I was ready. With the help of Tandy’s keen insights and encourage-ment, I now run my catering company as my main business. I highly recommend Tandy Pryor Coaching to anyone looking to find his or her focus and feel empowered to live your life as you dream you can.

Mavis Linnemann-Clark

Gourmet Chef and Founder, The Delish Dish and Made by Mavis

My promise: I’m not going to let you stay stuck and tolerating—I AM going to help you get results. I’ll help you break through what has continued to stop you from getting what you want. I’ll make a radical stand for YOU.

I will teach you to speak your truth and own your power so you can make the money and live the life that’s waiting for you.

In THE POWER TRIBE, you will:

THE POWER TRIBE includes: 

  • 6 months of support and accountability
  • Personal 1:1 coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Ongoing email support
  • Intuitive feng-shui space assessment
  • Two 2-day retreats at a luxury location
  • Cut through what’s holding you back
  • Leave behind all that doesn’t serve you—frustrating patterns that keep you broke and stuck
  • Create a 6-figure (and beyond) business model

I will customize our experience to the group’s needs and priorities, accelerating your results exponentially.

You know, over the past couple of weeks I’ve spoken with some women who don’t feel worthy of investing in themselves.

And I’m going to be blunt. 

I call BS on that.

You are absolutely WORTHY of investing in yourself. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do. 

YOU HAVE ONE LIFE! If something isn’t working for you, why not take action? If not now… when? 

How much longer are you going to tolerate your current income level (or current relationship, clientele, clutter, family dynamics, or home)? 

I’m not getting any younger and I gotta tell you—clearing anything that's in the way of what I know I’m here to be and do is my priority right now. 

Where will you be next year if you don’t make the change you know you need to make?

In my group programs, my clients have: 


• Started new businesses

• Left jobs they hated

• Created new depth to the work they are doing so that it satisfies their soul

• Left marriages that weren’t working

• Stopped tolerating family and relationship dynamics that no longer worked

• Moved to their ideal home

• Transformed their home and office spaces to be magnetic and flowing.

And the best part of every one of these successes is that it was a result of each woman OWNING her power. And that’s what can happen for you. 

There is nothing more powerful than a woman owning her worth and making money so she can HAVE choices.

We begin in September. Interested? Just fill out this quick application.

(There is no obligation in filling out the application, but, please, do us both a favor and only apply if you are seriously interested.)

Here’s to your POWER and SUCCESS!

Own it!

Tandy Pryor

P.S. Have questions about THE POWER TRIBE? Just hit reply and ask away! We’ll get right back to you.

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